Selling Your Home


Preparing your home for a quick sell

Selling your home can be as stressful as buying, particularly if you need to do it quickly. You don’t want the new house you’ve fallen in love with to be snapped up by another buyer - follow our guide to maximise your chances of clinching a quick sale.


First impressions really do count

Potential buyers are likely to drive past your property before they arrange a viewing. They want to get a feel for the neighbourhood and, just as importantly, a feel for how your house looks. Stand outside to see how it compares to your neighbours’. Does it have kerb appeal or is it embarrassingly shabby? If it’s the latter, you’ll fail to impress. So make sure you weed the garden, mow the lawn and hide the bins away. Give your window frames a lick of paint if they need it and mend any broken fences or gates. If buyers see a tidy welcoming exterior they can easily imagine a tidy and welcoming interior.


De-clutter, depersonalise

Get rid of clutter. Throw out unwanted bits and pieces, give them to charity or put them away in cupboards. But do remember prospective buyers will look in cupboards and wardrobes, so keep them neat and tidy; they need to know that there will be enough room for their own belongings.


Remove big or unnecessary furniture that might make your rooms appear smaller. If you want to keep them, put them into temporary storage – it’s a worthwhile investment.


Depersonalise your home. Prospective buyers need to envisage themselves living in your home and don’t need reminders that it used to belong to someone else. Put away family photographs, birthday cards, your children’s drawings, their toys.


When is a room not a room?

Make sure that every room in your house does what it’s supposed to do. If you’re using a bedroom as a study, turn it back into a bedroom. It might seem a hassle but some buyers just can’t visualise a room that has the wrong type of furniture in it.


Think about your pets

Just because you adore Fido doesn’t mean your potential buyer will. If at all possible, take them to a kind neighbour or friend when you have a viewing arranged.


Top Tip

Giving your home a quick makeover can make all the difference to how quickly you sell and the price you get. Clean windows, wash down walls or give them a fresh coat of paint. Plaster any cracks and hide bare wires.

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