Researching the Property Market


It’s all in the preparation

Spending time researching the property market can save a lot of time and heartache later. It will help you set realistic expectations and make finding your dream home an easier process.


Create a property wish list

Putting together a list of your minimum requirements will help your estate agent find you suitable properties to view as well as keeping you focused. Consider the following:

  • How many bedrooms, bathrooms and reception areas do you need?

  • Do you want a garden?

  • Does it matter if the property is terraced or semi-detached?

  • What style of property are you looking for?

  • Can you take on work to the property?

  • What are your future requirements? Are you planning a family or will your children shortly be flying the nest?

    Do remember though that you’re unlikely to achieve your full wish list and most home buyers have to compromise.

    Location, location, location

    It sounds a cliché but location really is key when you’re researching the property market. You can change your house through decor and extensions but you can’t change its location. Narrow your search to two or three locations and then compare the prices of similar properties in those areas. This will help you understand which areas you’ll pay a premium for versus those that offer better value for money.


    Get to know the area

    Visit the area you’re keen on at various times of the day – rush hour, weekdays and weekends.  A location that seems peaceful on a Wednesday morning can be very different on a Saturday afternoon.

    Find out about schools, amenities and transport in the area. Search online for reviews, testimonials and news stories.

    Top Tip

     Don’t take the estate agents’ word as gospel. They should always offer advice that’s in your best interest, such as planning permission or catchment areas for schools,  but do your own research if you can and verify their claims. If you’re unable to check something that’s important to you, get the estate agent to put it in writing. You then have some come-back should the claim turn out to be false.

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