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Getting covered before you move

Buying a new home is a huge investment and you don’t want to be faced with costs of repairing your property or replacing valuable items in the event of disaster or theft. It’s therefore essential to have the right home insurance cover. There are two types of home insurance cover - buildings insurance and contents insurance. Most mortgage lenders will insist that you at least have a buildings insurance policy in place in advance to protect their own interest in the property. Moving home can affect the cost of your buildings and contents insurance but it also gives you the opportunity to break your existing annual insurance contract and switch to an insurance policy that’s more cost-effective.


What is covered under buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the main structure of your home. For example, most buildings insurances cover you in the event your home subsides, or is damaged by fire or extreme weather such as gales or floods. Remember to check the small print to ensure you are covered against natural disasters.


Buildings insurance also covers your permanent fixtures and fittings in your home such as kitchen surfaces, baths, showers, basins and taps, tiled floors and built-in wardrobes. It may also cover you for out-buildings, garages, fences and garden walls.

What is covered under contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers you for the items you would generally take with you when you move home. Imagine that your house or flat is tipped upside down and shaken. Anything that “falls out” is usually covered under your contents insurance policy. This includes furniture, possessions and valuables. Carpets are also usually insured under a contents policy.


Most contents insurance companies offer additional benefits such as:

  • New for old on replacements, usually excluding linen and clothing.

  • Cover for home contents that are temporarily removed from your house.

  • Cover for accidental damage to items such as mirrors, fixed glass and home entertainment equipment.

  • Replacement locks in the event of keys being lost or stolen.

    Shop around

    In the case of home insurance cover, it really does pay to take your time and shop around. The insurance market is highly competitive and there are a lot of great deals out there. Some insurers offer discounts if you buy both your buildings and contents insurance from them, and some offer cash-back if you don’t cancel your policy within a certain period of time and don’t default on payments.


    Get at least three home insurance quotes and read the small print which will show you exactly what you’re getting against the cost of the policy. Save time by using price comparison websites and remember you may get cheaper home insurance cover quotes if you apply online.

    Top Tip

     Home insurance is one area you really shouldn’t scrimp on. Make sure that you’re adequately covered. It isn’t worth trying to save a few pounds now on your premiums, only to discover that you’re not protected properly should the worst happen and you need to make a claim.

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