Q: Why do i need to have a survey carried out?


A: Firstly this would probabaly be the first time we would have met in person but this also allows us to carry out many things to assist us in making sure your moving day goes smoothly. Parking acces for our vehicles. furniture inspection (is there anything we need to specilished pack) view any items that need to be dismantled and of cause it also allows us to carry out a full indepth risk assement of the job and your property.


Q: When should I pay the 20% deposit?


A: Some people tend to wait until they have a moving date,  but this isn’t always necessary. The sooner you pay your deposit the sooner we can start planning your move. This also allows you to have first chooice of your moving dates compares to those who haven't paid a deposit.



Q: When should I start packing?


A: We suggest you start having a sort out of your belongings as soon as you have decided to move. It usually takes longer than most people think to pack so please bear this in mind. You can alwasy start with items you don't use regually.


Q: Why should I have a sort out of my belongings?


A: Moving house is a great opportunity to have a good clear out of all your unwanted/unused items. After all, you’re going to be  paying to move your belongings, do you want to pay more for the stuff you probably no longer want or need?



Q: Someone has made an offer to buy my house, how long will it take now to move?


A: There is no real answer for this, but always do your research on your buyer and find out if they have the money to buy your home? Some people will put in an offer  because they may want your home but can’t actually back it up with the funds. Do they have the funds available now? What is their situation?



Q: What's the difference between a quotation and a estimate?


A: A quotation is normally a fixed price whilst an estimate is generally a rough guess of what the work will cost.



Q: What happens if my moving date changes?


A: As long as it’s more than 48 hours before the move is to take place, then we simply change the date of your move.



Q: I have received a quote from another company, and they have said they would lower

their quote and match and beat yours, what should I do?


A: You have to ask yourself, why didn’t this other company  provide you with a better quote to begin with??? Rather than waiting to see what other companies were quoting. Our advice is, remove this other company off your short list.


Evenings and weekend visits are available. Please call to arrange.


These times may change on a daily basis.

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